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YayTravel Videos is a guide to the world, showing you some amazing places

Highlights of Montreal

See some of the highlights of Montreal in just under three minutes. Some of those people must really burn calories the rate they're walking.

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Air New Zealand Safety Video

This is one way to get passengers' attention.

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The Corpse Flower

The Rafflesia is the world's largest flower and is sometimes known informally as the corpse flower because of its terrible stench. The biggest ones usually grow in Borneo. The next time I am in Borneo, I hope to see one.

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Barcelona To Do

This video gives a few suggestions on places to see and things to do in Barcelona.

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Jerusalem's Jaffa Gate

Like most cities over the centuries, Jerusalem had walls to keep out invaders. Part of these walls remain today and the Jaffa Gate is one of the entrances into the old Jerusalem.

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The Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle

If you've ever wanted to see the changing of the guard in London, here is your chance. The person who filmed this video gave a great tip: avoid the crowds at Buckingham Palace and head for Windsor Castle to see exactly the same thing.


Did you know that the beefeaters are not allowed to smile while on duty? I would  make a very good beefeater - I have no sense of humour.

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Rafting in Sangil, Colombia

White river rafting looks like such fun. I wonder if you get rafts with first class seats and raft attendants. No?

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I think we often forget how much life and beauty there is in our oceans. Sometimes the oceans seem to be incredibly peaceful.

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Haunted House Pattaya

This is the best haunted house experience I ever had. They hire actors to scare the living daylights out of you. Of course, I laughed all the way through because two of the other people in our group could not screaming and shrieking.

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A Norwegian Fjord

The video makes me want to be there. I can understand why Louis Armstrong sang "What a wonderful world".

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Yodeling in Switzerland

I think I'd go hoarse if I had to try that.

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The Last Frontier

Perhaps Antartica is the last frontier. It certainly looks beautiful and the penguins in the video are gorgeous. If you feel brave, you can swim in the icy waters of the Antarctic.

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