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YayTravel Videos is a guide to the world, showing you some amazing places

Not a Great Place for a Papillon

Prison is difficult enough but to be thousands of kilometres from home on a small rock. Life was notoriously difficult on Devil's Island and political prisoners were sent there a few hundred years after the French Revolution. One wonders if the lessons of the revolution were ever learnt.

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Follow in the Footsteps of Jack the Ripper

If you're in London, you can go on a walking tour to visit the sites of the Ripper murders and to learn more about this serial killer that has fascinated people for over a century. If we ever know his identity for certain, will our morbid fascination with him continue?

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You'd Be Hopping Mad to Miss This

Visit the bunny museum in Pasadena.

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The Lunch Lady of Ho Chi Minh City

This video is the first time I had heard of her. Perhaps the next time I am in Ho Chi Minh I will go look for her.

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Phnom Penh

Take a walk around Phnom Penh market in Cambodia.

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Chiang Mai Snake Show

I have seen snake shows before, so I was not expecting much. However, what I saw at the Chiang Mai snake show kept me enamored. It was truly an incredible and entertaining show. I do not envy the people whose job is to put on the show though.

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Vancouver Harbour

I would like to go to Vancouver one day. I have heard it is a truly beautiful city. In the meantime, I will have to be satisfied with a very short virtual cruise around Vancouver harbour.

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Take a Hike Up Volcan Mombacho

Join this man on his hike. Towards the end, the video does make a point: travel is fun. Yay travel! He is right - when you travel, especially if you go just a tiny bit off the beaten track, you will experience amazing things, sights, smells and feelings. Those will be with you for the rest of your life.

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A Trip Through the Balkans

A trip through the Balkans. You can see several places in a short span of time and a some of the food the people in the video ate, also at a gallop.

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Chiang Rai Clock Tower

The clock tower might not be one of the seven wonders of the world but it really is very pleasant to look at, at night. This video shows you what it looks like but it is not the same as being there.

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A Viking Sauna

I wonder if Katy Perry was singing about this lot when she sang "you're hot and you're cold". Going from a temperature close to boiling point, then plunging into water water near freezing point and then doing it all over again seems insane and yet such fun. Of course, if I ever take the plunge into that icy water, I think I'll do it with an electric blanket wrapped around me.

While watching the video, I was reminded of Ulrika Jonsson talking about Swedish saunas and how people sit around beating one another with sticks. I thought that was quite funny and I would really like to see that. I am not sure though I want to beat someone with a branch and would probably find it quite weird.

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Harrod's et al.

Watch this video to see a bit of Harrod's and some other shops in London. While I have been to Harrod's, I have never been to the others.

My memory of Harrod's is that it was very expensive to the point where I refused to buy anything, even a souvenir pen or ruler. I do not remember if I bought something to drink but if I did, I must have been desperately thirsty.

I would like to visit Harrod's again one day to have a look around but again I doubt I would buy anything.

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