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YayTravel Videos is a guide to the world, showing you some amazing places

John Hancock Center, Chicago

Take a ride in the elevator to the observation deck.

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Orokonui Ecosanctuary Cloud Forest Experience

Take a leisurely walk among rare birds in Orokonui Ecosanctuary in Dunedin or go with a guide.

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Rio Carnaval

If you could not make it to Rio Carnaval you can at least see some of it on video - without the throngs of people.

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Cu Chi Tunnels

During the Vietnam War, some of the Vietnamese constructed a vast underground network of tunnels. When they wanted to escape or hide from the enemy, they would go into these tunnels. However, they could not stay there for more than a limited amount of time as they would then run out of oxygen and suffocate to deaath.


In this video, there are tourists going through one of the tunnels, which has been made wider and higher for tourists to fit in. You will notice that people have to walk on their haunches. The distance from the entrance to the exit is about 50 metres. This distance is specifically for tourists and is shorter than the distance the Vietnamese would travel from one point to another. The tunnels often led from one underground room to another and some women even gave birth in these tunnels. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience going through these tunnels but do not go if you have serious health problems or have claustrophobia.

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The Palace of Versailles

This is one of the most famous and possibly the grandest palace ever built. Here a group of tourists has a walk around and has some fun in the process. Notice all the cell phones in some in some the shots. Grrrr.


Here is something you might not know: when the nobles were seated at the dining table and if they suddenly had a sudden call of nature, they would go to the corner of the room, crouch down and relieve themselves. The servants would then have to clean up this mess. Bon appetit.

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Top Ten Trains in the World

This video lists the world's top ten train experiences. Unfortunately, it gives no detail about each and you get to see only a photo of the outside of each.

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Antarctica: The Musical

I found the title of this video quite amusing. Of course, what is more interesting are the photos of Antarctica. It is beautiful. What an amazing wilderness.

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A few images of Paris

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Halong Bay

I would love to go here one day. I have been quite close to it before but never quite got the chance to go there. It looks really beautiful.

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A Walk in a Bluebell Wood

Take a walk through Prior's Wood near Bristol. I wonder if you'll run into any bears and get a big surprise. It's a cute song, okay.

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Tehran Surprise

This video does not really convey what Tehran feels like and seems to take some of the joy out of it. While Tehran is definitely not a major tourist city, it does have some attractions like Sa'ad Abad, where you can spend the whole day. It is also full of surprises that you should see for yourself (I am not going to spoil it by telling you). A lot of Iranians are extremely friendly people, really, really nice. Unfortunately, there are more than enough religious extremists as well.


If you do visit Tehran, make a point of going to Shandiz and eating Shishlik. It is amazing. They also have really incredible tasting onions and tomatoes. There really is incredible food in Tehran. I discovered that they even have incredible pizzas. That was a shocker.

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Pub Crawling in Perth

If you like visiting bars, this video might be for you. Find out which bars to visit in Perth, Australia.

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