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The Thailand Piercing Festival in Phuket. After watching some of the scenes, I now know why I no longer use toothpicks. This is a well-made video that is intense in parts.

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La Tomatina - Tomato Fight

A messy video about a messy event and not a politician in sight. Get your own tomato sauce fresh off the street. Lots of fun if you do not mind the crowds. Even the camera got involved. Is this description a bit messy?

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La Historia y Cultura de Las Incas

Un video muy interesante sobre la historia y la cultura de las Incas. Un de las cosas que yo encontré la mas interesante es la manera ingeniosa sobre la cual las Incas crearon unos microclimas con el uso de terrazas para sobrevivir en un ambiente duro.

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The Inca Trail

I found getting to Machu Picchu quite easy and relaxing. Now I remember why: I took the train. If you're up to it, you can trek for several days to this magnificent city of the Incas. Be warned: you must be unbelievably fit. A lot of young people who think they are fit have to turn back. This trek, while a great adventure, can be incredibly demanding.

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Turkish Ice Cream

Bying ice cream in Turkey can be a tricky business.

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A Not-So-Official Guide to Dublin

Yellow Productions shows you some of the sights of Dublin, Ireland.

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The Nebuta Festival

Each summer in Japan the Nebuta Festival is held. One of the larger Nebutas takes place in Aomori.

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Sights and Sounds of Jerusalem

Get a little feel for Jerusalem, a city that has thousands of years of history, both good and bad, a city that has seen times of peace and prosperity as well as war and devastation.

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Sapporo Snow Festival

Each year in February, Sapporo, Japan, celebrates the snow. Parts of the city are transformed by snow statues and ice sculptures. View »

The Fjords of Norway

Take a trip along onto of Norway's fjords. Look to your left and look to your right and see the steep mountains. Norway's coast is full of these impressive and beautiful fjords.

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Having Fun in Alaska

Kayaking, jumping from a ship into freezing water, watching whales and admiring the natural beauty.

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Food Without the Calories

Watch this video and see some amazing food in Jerusalem. It is all calorie free as long as you watch the video only and do not actually eat or drink anything. It looks so nice. Why am I suddenly hungry?

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