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YayTravel Videos is a guide to the world, showing you some amazing places

A Short Guide to Venice

Find out how to get toVeniceand what to do once there.

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The Great Wall of China

There are only two structures visible from space: the Great Wall of China and my stomach. Okay, I lie, it is a myth that the Great Wall is visible from space.

Unfortunately, many parts of it are in disrepair. It was also very costly – in human life.

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Talk about sneaking out the house. Just wait until their parents find out.

Some teenagers show us Khathmandu in Nepal

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Few people ever go here and I hope one day to be among those few.

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Oslo in Fifty-Five Minutes

Spend fifty-five minutes exploring Oslo, the capital of Norway.

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Two Days in Budapest

A lengthy video of a tourist's visit to Budapest

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Top Ten Places to See in Vienna...

...according to Vidtur. Unfortunately, the pronunciation of some of the words leaves something to be desired. For example, the pronunciation of 'Danube' and 'Strasse'.

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Top Ten Things to Do in Italy

Donna Salerno tells us what she thinks the top ten things are to do in Italy.

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New Zealand

The Discovery Channel takes us on a whirlwind tour of New Zealand. Of course, if you are overweight, be careful that you are not deported. (The last sentence was a tongue in cheek comment about a recent story of an immigrant to New Zealand being told to leave the country after having lived there for six years because he was over some or other weight limit).

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Southwest Australia

Robert Stephens shows us a few highlights of southwestAustralia. You could fall asleep in the first few minutes of the video with the way he speaks, the music and the scenery.

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Perspectives on Travel

Robin Esrock shares his views on travel, our desire to travel ,why we travel and what we can learn from travel.

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India Travel Guide

A full length programme about visiting India

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