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YayTravel Videos is a guide to the world, showing you some amazing places

The Cameron Highlands

If you go, make sure you take warm clothes, a raincoat and an umbrella. Also take travel sickness tablets because the road to get there is very long and full of truly horrible turns. There is quite a cute restaurant that is all about strawberries in Brinchang. Just walk up the hill away from the town centre and turn left.

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A Venetian Carnival in France

Why do I keep thinking about Elton John?

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

I would still love to see this. It would have been great to have seen it lit up live for the 2000 Olympics.

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Walking Around The Ladies Market in Hong Kong

If you're in Hong Kong, go to this market as part of the experience. Alas, Hong Kong has long ceased to be a shopper's paradise. Rather go for other reasons.

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Go Around The World in Under Five Minutes

A montage of various places around the world

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David Archuleta visited Singapore and saw what I got to see. What do you mean you know who David Archuleta is but you have no idea who I am? Only joking :-). Singapore is an amazing city in more ways than one and I had a really wonderful holiday there. It's just a pity it is so expensive nowadays.

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Magnificent Machu Picchu

The 'm' in Machu Picchu definitely stands for "magnificent". The city is located in an extremely dramatic location, surrounded by mountains so high and seemingly inaccessible that the Incas revered some of these mountains as gods that protected them from unwanted intruders. Just watch your step: there are a lot of places where you can fall and break your leg or worse.

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No amount of photos or videos can do this place justice. You have to see it to appreciate it. Once a year, an area that is practically desert comes to life with fields and fields of beautiful flowers, and all you want to do is lie down in the middle of all these flowers and just stay there. The flowers bloom in August or September each year depending on the weather.

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The Eiffel Tower

I really do like the Eiffel Tower. I can understand why some people thought it was a monstrosity when Gustav Eiffel built it and yet it is romantic and really does belong in Paris and somehow could never be at home in any other city. There is also quite a nice restaurant there too and perhaps when I am next in Paris I will go eat there.

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The Taj Mahal

What are those people doing in my house? Only joking.

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A Great Natural Wonder

I hope one day I will get the chance to visit the Great Barrier Reef. I hope one day there is something left of it.

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Macau Bungeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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