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03/13/2012 | 03:19 AM | Posted by Linda Brown
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What are the best places in Norway and Sweden to see the Aurora (Norhern Lights)?

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Posted by: Charles | 03/20/2012 | 09:08 AM

In Norway and Sweden, the Aurora Borealis can still be witnessed until mid/late April. Also, Easter holidays and celebrations are taking place this month .

Posted by: Petri | 03/20/2012 | 09:09 AM

March is apparenttly the best month for watching aurora, but you could better read and check out the information from the Swedish Institute of Space Physics before travelling

Posted by: Michael | 03/20/2012 | 09:20 AM

Bes timest are from September through April, 11 pm – 2 am. The further south in Scandinavia you go, the shorter the Aurora Borealis season is.