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May Snow Be The Only Cold You Experience

One of the worst things that could happen to you is getting sick on holiday. It is going to happen sooner or later but you should still try to avoid falling ill. Of course, every person's body is different but I hope that some of the things I do...

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14 Sep 2011 | 12:47 PM

Have A Beautiful Holiday

I love The Body Shop. You might wonder what this has to do with travel. My philosophy is that you should have fun when travelling and you should enjoy the experience as much as possible. For me that includes pampering myself when I get back to my...

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14 Sep 2011 | 11:35 AM

TSA Self-Selecting Security Lanes

If you're a frequent flyer, you don't need us to tell you about security and the TSA Self Selecting Lanes.  You've probably already used one of those "Black Diamond Lanes" designed to get you through the TSA check point faster. ...

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6 Sep 2011 | 11:02 AM

Estancia Don Silvano

It had been raining. In fact, there was so much water in places that there were floods. It was the heaviest rains large swathes of South America had seen in many years. The road to the gaucho ranch that we were to visit outside Buenos Aires was...

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26 Aug 2011 | 01:00 PM

Dealing With Cancelled Flights

Cancelled flights are a headache for everyone.  Believe me, the airlines don't like to cancel.  It starts a whole domino effect.  Not just for your flight, but for flights at down line airports all through the day.  Planes end...

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26 Aug 2011 | 11:16 AM