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Below are websites I think are quite good to outstanding for searching for or booking accommodation. This site has a great selection of apartments and has some really attractive, high quality images. I have, however, recently read mixed reviews about the site (both great and some bad). For the moment, I will leave them on the recommended list. That said, I will monitor the situation. I remember when their focus was on Thailand. They have grown since then and I am glad for them. They also have useful information on what to see in different destinations. I have a bit of a fondness for them although I am not entirely sure why. I love the feel of this website and the variety of accommodation they have. One thing I do not like is that the site does not allow you to pay in advance for accommodation. That is great though if you need to wait a bit to get some cash flow going but need to secure accommodation in the meantime. I think Expedia can be convenient in that they are reliable and tend to list better quality hotels. The downside is that the variety of places they list is limited and prices of some of the hotels are sometimes a bit pricey. You might get lucky and pick up a good deal or two, so do visit this site. This site is great for people on a very tight budget. It is also great for those who need something cheaper but not necessarily a hostel. This website has legitimate hotels and guesthouses that are clean, good quality, safe, in convenient and quiet locations and that are affordable. I like the fact that there are a reasonable number of hotels on this site and that they are reputable. Unfortunately, I have never booked with them because I have always found more competitive rates elsewhere. The site is really great though to help you conduct a search for suitable accommodation. At the moment, this is my favourite site to start my search. I love how it makes it easy to search multiple sites at once. It also provides access to loads of reviews. Do you fancy staying in a villa? How about a house boat? Perhaps you would like to rent a small room and live among the locals. This is a nice site because it offers places of accommodation you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. is particular about which accommodation establishments it lists. Unless someone they know has raved about a specific place, they do not list it. The only thing is though that the prices are often very high as they list mainly, if not exclusively, very luxurious establishments. For those people who want luxury in an intimate environment rather than the umpteenth carbon copy of a hotel in a chain of hotels, Small Luxury Hotels of the world may be just right. Once you have booked and paid for accommodation through, they check all the time to see if the price of what you booked drops. If the price does drop, they automatically cancel your booking at the old price and make a new one at the lower price. They then refund you the difference between the two prices. This site is a lot of fun. Everyone has stayed in a hostel and a five star hotel. Not everyone has stayed in a mine or slept in a crane. Even if you don't book, just browse the really interesting hotels on this site.