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Where would you be if...

  1. In which capital would you be if the ocean was on your one side, the world's largest desert on the other and where the men wear boubous?
    • Cairo
    • Nairobi
    • Abuja
    • Nouakchott
    • Ouagadougou
  2. Where would you be if you were where a train in a song goes, where there is only one street and where there is a hotel named after Lord Milner?
    • Darwin
    • Matjiesfontein
    • Maun
    • Irkutsk
    • Rosehill
  3. Where would you be if you ate beans near a black sand beach, did a bungee jump and watched as people got off ferries to go to casinos?
    • Accra
    • Cape Town
    • Macau
    • Lima
    • Riyadh
  4. Where would you be if you were near opal mines, could sleep in a dugout and were between a city and a town whose names bear women's names?
    • Coober Pedy
    • Nantes
    • Libreville
    • Tijuana
    • Haifa
  5. Where would you be if you could walk off an island where they dive for pearls to an aquarium or a castle?
    • Mikimoto Pearl Island
    • Shanghai
    • Bali
    • Kuching
    • Cebu

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