Other Websites

Below are links to websites you may wish to use to help you book accommodation.


www.hostelbookers.com This site is similar to Hostel World.
www.asiarooms.com I used to love this site. Then I think they were taken over by another company and suddenly their accommodation prices shot up and the way they operated changed. Perhaps you will like their site though - different strokes for different folks. 
www.agoda.com They tend to be good most of the time during pre-sales, sales and even post-sales before you arrive at your destination, but if there is a problem after you have arrived they seem to fall apart. I have also found more competitive prices on other sites. I am completely off this site at the moment and occasionally use it only for searches. Perhaps you will have consistently positive experiences with them.
www.laterooms.com They have a good variety of hotels and I have used them before. Unfortunately, they do not give the option of paying in advance, which is convenient for a lot of travellers. As a result of this, they did not make it to the Accommodation>Recommended Sites page.
www.hotelpricescanner.com I recently discovered this site. It searches some of the sites I already have listed but it seems to turn up an unusually vast array of results. I am not sure at this time how it compares to hotelscombined.com but my initial impression is that it finds a lot more places to stay. 
www.homeaway.com You won't find people's homes on hotel websites. This site helps you to find everything from cabins to condominiums.
www.roomorama.com This site is great in the sense that there a lot of options for people who want apartments or just a room. It is also nice because it searches places worldwide and caters to different markets, from independent travellers to executives. One thing I do not like is that some of the advertisers charge more than hotels and give guests less. I am tempted to add this site as a recommended site but I would need to know more before doing so.
www.homeexchange.com Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could get your accommodation for free? Unfortunately, you don't have any friends or family where you're going. Who needs them anyway when you can take over the home of a complete stranger.
www.roomatlas.com I like the fact that you can easily get an idea of hotel prices and hotel locations all at the same time on an easy-to-use map. What I do not like though is the limited choices of hotels. It seems to me that  only the more expensive ones are listed.


If there is an accommodation website that you know of that is not listed at Yaytravel.com, it is either because I do not yet know about that site or it is precisely because I know about that site.