Airfare Search Engines

Click on the links below to use other websites to help you find airfares. This is currently my favourite airfare search engine. I like the layout of the website, the search options that are available and the fact that you can get price alerts. They also have really nice feature that gives you ideas on where to travel based on airfares. I also like this site a lot for airfare. Unfortunately, they often seem to get special airfares from airlines long after some of their competitors have access to those sites. Recently I noticed Expedia no longer allows you to customise your combination of airlines and flights. This is a definite step in the wrong direction. Sometimes they really do sell cheaper flights but I have found this to be the exception rather than the rule. Still, I like their website and the fact that I might get lucky with airfare. One nice thing about this site is that they try to predict when airfares will drop in price. Unfortunately, that feature is only useful for people living in or travelling to the United States. The rest of us have to try to predict the airfares unaided. A good friend told me about this site. First, the chipmunk is very cute. Second, I love how the search results are displayed. It is extremely user friendly and very informative, finding both direct and indirect flights. I also love how you can sort flights by agony levels. Unfortunately, the site has recently taken a step backwards in that it does not show the airfares as far in advance as some other sites do.


If there is an airline search engine you know of that is not listed on, either I do not know about it or I do not think it is particularly worthwhile.